We love Bikes

Bikeshit restores vintage bycicles and builds unique singlespeed, fixed gear and classic bikes. We also design furniture and bike accessories. If you like our work, like us on Instagram and Facebook, contact us directly or have a look at the Bikeshit Shop!

What We Do

Every year lots of bikes end up beeing destroyed, while most of them could still be used. Our goal is to do a sustainable job by restoring them and giving them a cool look, so the bikes become precious again to their owners.
We also develop bike accessories like handmade bikelocks and high quality bike racks, available in our Shop


Who We Are

We are a bycicle collective living and working in Vienna, Austria. Due to our main jobs we spend lots of time sitting in front of computers. To keep the balance between the digital and the real world we started to rebuild old bikes and design accessories and bike racks.


Restored Bikes

Have a look at a our restored Bikes. If you like to own such a unique ride, feel free to contact us!

Bikeshit Products

We consistently design and produce new products.

Say Hello.

If you like to work with us or want to know more, feel free to contact us: mail(at)bikesh.it